Watch Access Highlight: Danica Patrick And Aaron Rodgers Are Dating!

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Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers Call It Quits After Nearly 3 Years of Dating

Over the course of years, the franchise has given fans plenty to celebrate, with 13 world championships, 25 Pro Football Hall of Famers and a beloved home, Lambeau Field. A wide variety of events and activities will kick off over the next several months, with fans and community members invited to join in the numerous festivities. The films will include never-before-seen footage and brand-new interviews with current and former players, telling the story of the Packers from the very beginning.

From Fox Sports: “Packers Backers alike will enjoy the site,” founder Kelly Davis said in a press release. “This is a state of the art dating website with the ability to participate in.

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Green Bay Packers Dating Site

If you answered yes, yes and yes — or even if you answered yes, no and yes — then you’re in luck because there’s now a dating website devoted to Packers fans. Yes, people who like to wear cheese on their head now have their own dating website. And you’re probably still single. Just in case that didn’t quite sink in, let me repeat myself one more time: Here’s a description of GreenBayPackersLovers.

It’s a question the Sports Misery Index tackled, and while we did an article on the top 25 in all sports, it’s time to delve deeper into which NFL fans feel good about life and which are, quite.

Subscribe to The Mag Rodgers is unusually cautious. This is evident whenever he opens his mouth. Before he speaks, he pauses, choosing his words like a surgeon plucking instruments from a table. Some of this comes with the territory — all-galaxy quarterback, face of a multibillion-dollar insurance company, vessel for an entire state’s hopes and dreams — but it rarely feels calculated.

Rodgers, 33, isn’t studiously bland, like many of his elite brethren, and he isn’t evasive either. Wary of being misunderstood or revealing too much. Over the years, as his celebrity exploded, he closed certain windows, sequestering his private life while he charmed the public with his dry wit and quirky hobbies.

He likes Wes Anderson films! He showed us everything and nothing at all. And for a while, that was enough.

Dating is hard, but Packers fans now have a website to find true love

After all teams and fans generally all live in the same region, deal with the same weather and have the same animosity towards each other. Beat a divisional team in the playoffs? This is the sort of mentality that runs rampant through the NFC North. We continue our asinine analysis of NFL teams that you hate to love and love to hate to prepare you for the season. Has it really come to this? Have the Chicago Bears fallen so far that they had the worst record in the division last season, which included a team that lost its stud running back and had a rookie quarterback leading a wild and wonky Norv Turner offense?

The site claims to be the “fastest growing relationship site on the web.” And, just in case anyone visiting the dating site might also be looking for a link to an Amazon store filled with Packers.

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Photo Of Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend At Lambeau Field Is Going Viral

Monty McMahon 72 Share it! I noticed earlier this week that Samuel L. Jackson made some sort of rally video for the Atlanta Falcons. Anyway, this got me thinking about celebrity fans of the Green Bay Packers. And so I started doing some research.

The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Packers compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) North is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL, dating back to , and is the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team based in the.

Dating is hard, but Packers fans now have a website to find true love More It is hard being single and searching for the perfect companion. Your so-called friends try to set you up on dates with people who are only attractive to those with their eyes closed. Speed dating is the easiest way to condense a year of letdowns into an hour-long session. Online dating allows romantics to sort through incompatible prospects from the comfort of their home.

Imagine if someone invented a dating website based on the most important criteria — being a Packers fan. Then singles could find someone to wear a cheesehead with on Sunday. Packers fans, it is time to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Here is a description of the website: Green Bay Packers fans are the most loyal fans around.

Just look at Pack’s die hard fans that tackle the brutally cold winters to storm outside and cheer on the Pack Attack. At our site you can find other Packers Bakers cheeseheads looking for love. Whether you’re looking for true love, a long term relationship, are marriage minded, just looking for fun or maybe even just looking for friendship.

Dating app helps football fans meetup

They’re undefeated at home and averaging more points-per-game Much of the Packers’ success is due to Rodgers’ excellent play. Only Peyton Manning has thrown more touchdowns than Rodgers and no starting quarterback has thrown fewer interceptions. One year after he missed seven games with a broken collarbone, Rodgers is back to his Pro Bowl form. And while Rodgers has proven himself one of the best signal callers in the league, he may have his girlfriend to thank for his team’s good fortune.

Thanks to a new dating website, diehard Disney fans can now seek their own fairytale happy ending with fellow Mickey Mouse lovers. The newly launched site, MouseMingle, aims to connect fans of all.

After weeks of rumors speculating if the couple was dating or not, the racecar driver confirmed today they are in a relationship. Her rep has also confirmed her new romantic status. However, Rodgers has not commented on the relationship nor has anyone from his camp. This may be bigger than deer hunting season in Wisconsin. Danica Patrick confirms she and Aaron Rodgers are dating! Packers fans will not be happy.

They think Rodgers should live alone in a cabin and come out only for practice and games.

Top 15 Celebrity Green Bay Packers Fans

Posted by Duke Bobber on November 22, — That included a point game last season, a point outing at Minnesota in Week 8 of , the most points ever scored by Green Bay at the Metrodome, and a point effort at Lambeau Field in His passer rating is the highest of any opposing quarterback vs.

Green Bay Packers fans even have their own dating website in which they can meet and flirt with other “like minded” individuals. 5 Manchester United FC. advertising. Manchester United is said to be the most popular football franchise in the world and the club records the highest international fan base of any team. It is one of the most.

Disagreements on any of these three topics could easily become deal-breakers in a dating relationship. The search for your soul mate is never easy — but it can be pretty funny. Actress Catherine Urbanek explores the comedic pitfalls of looking for love in her original web trilogy The Dates of Laura. The finale in the series will hit home for many Green Bay Packers fans.

Too Much Clay Matthews shows us what happens when what would seem to be a fantastic date goes haywire as NFL loyalties are revealed. The Dates of Laura — which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube — follows a young, single woman on three different dates. In the final episode, Laura meets Hank. The two seem to be hitting it off, perhaps even falling in love, but that all changes when talk turns to sports. Laura is a die-hard Brewers and Packers fan with a big crush on Clay Matthews.

Sounds like a typical Wisconsin woman to us, right? However, just like the title character in her web trilogy, Catherine did not grow up in Wisconsin.

A Packers Fan Reaction to Aaron Rodgers Injury

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