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A Vegan Guide to Nepal An abundance of vegan food and gorgeous scenery makes this Asian country a must-visit. Kathmandu and Pokhara offer fun city activities, and the gorgeous Kathmandu Valley is perfect for seclusion in nature and total relaxation. Luckily, vegan travelers will find that Nepal has plenty of animal-free fare, along with a number of dishes that can easily be modified.

Vegetarian curries, soups, breads, and dumplings abound. Though veganism is not as widespread as vegetarianism, quite a few staple Nepalese dishes are free of animal products, and many are served at tea houses along the trekking routes. Dal bhat, a fragrant lentil stew with rice or another grain , is the national dish—many Nepali people eat this at least once per day.

Momos—dumplings made of flour and water, stuffed with a mix of vegetables, and often served with tangy achaar chopped, pickled vegetables —are another favorite. Tea time In Nepal, tea is ubiquitous. Found everywhere and all the time, Nepalese tea often comes with milk or butter and plenty of sugar , so be sure to ask for yours to served black.

The same goes for coffee.

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Nepal could be the best alternative place for your holiday vacation because of many beautiful tourist attractions in this country. Nepal has been recorded among foreign visitors as an attractive tourist destination in the world. Nepal is a developing tourism industry, as a naturally country that highlights natural and cultural harmony. Beautiful natural differences reflect a rich colonial history. For years considered a country of Mount Everest in the world, Nepal has a many tourist attraction places to visit.

Located in Pokhara, in a building dating from , 5 miles from Fewa Lake, Rock Garden Resort provides a bar and guestrooms with free WiFi. Built in , the .

After we check in to the Khasab Hotel, we take a drive to get our first glimpse of what Musandam has to offer. Tom has been here before, so he knows the sights to see. Apparently, the wadi has also been the source of destructive flash floods; a dam built in now protects the town. Here, we head off on a dirt road to the left past a military firing range toward Khor an Najd.

However, when we wind our way down the precipitous hairpin turns on the dirt road to the beach, we are disgusted by the smell and the sight of litter. It is really a shame that this beach is not kept clean as it is the only beach accessible by car in the fjords. I hate to even put a picture like this on my blog, where I really only want beautiful things! We drive up a well-maintained and graded dirt road, climbing and climbing until we can see increasingly panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The porous rock is riddled with caves, many of which were formerly occupied by the reclusive Shehi. Notably different from the Bedu and townspeople of the plains, many of the Shehi formerly lived in mountain caves or natural rock shelters, which were converted into simple little dwellings with the addition of a couple of stone walls and wooden doors. One is that they were original inhabitants of Oman gradually driven north by Yemenis and Nizari Arabs arriving from the south.

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Koirala In the mid th century, Prithvi Narayan Shah , a Gorkha king, set out to put together what would become present-day Nepal. He embarked on his mission by securing the neutrality of the bordering mountain kingdoms. After several bloody battles and sieges, notably the Battle of Kirtipur , he managed to conquer the Kathmandu Valley in A detailed account of Prithvi Narayan Shah’s victory was written by Father Giuseppe, an eyewitness to the war.

A dispute with Tibet over the control of mountain passes and inner Tingri valleys of Tibet forced the Qing Emperor of China to start the Sino-Nepali War compelling the Nepali to retreat and pay heavy reparations to Peking. At first, the British underestimated the Nepali and were soundly defeated until committing more military resources than they had anticipated needing. They were greatly impressed by the valour[ citation needed ] and competence of their adversaries.

Thus began the reputation of Gurkhas as fierce and ruthless soldiers. The war ended in the Sugauli Treaty , under which Nepal ceded recently captured lands as well as the right to recruit soldiers. Madhesis , having supported the East India Company during the war, had their lands gifted to Nepal. In , a plot was discovered revealing that the reigning queen had planned to overthrow Jung Bahadur Kunwar, a fast-rising military leader. This led to the Kot massacre ; armed clashes between military personnel and administrators loyal to the queen led to the execution of several hundred princes and chieftains around the country.

The king was made a titular figure, and the post of Prime Minister was made powerful and hereditary. The Ranas were staunchly pro-British and assisted them during the Indian Rebellion of and later in both World Wars.

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Top 14 Private Dating Places in Kathmandu, Nepal – Places of Nepal Where You Can Visit with Your Lover Top 14 Private Dating places in Kathmandu-Nepal Valentine of has just passed away. So, now, you might be thinking of next year.

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Two Beautiful Cities in Nepal: Kathmandu and Pokhara

Day 3 Road Transfer to Pokhara Lunch by Trisuli River and cable car ride to Manakamana Temple Rise and shine, and get ready to explore yet another charming destination of Nepal – Pokhara, an adventurer’s paradise. Bestowed with spectacular scenery, best paragliding and zip-lining venues and shimmering lakes, Pokhara is where you could experience the best of nature. On this day, embark on a six-hour drive through the mystical mountains to reach Pokhara. During the transfer, enjoy a short break for lunch next to Trisuli River.

Thereafter, take a cable car ride to reach Manakamana Temple, sacred to Goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati. After seeking the divine blessings, take a stroll around and see the view of Manaslu- Himachali and Annapurna ranges.

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He describes the various possibilities organising a trek in Nepal from going on your own, employing a porter or Porterguide to joining a organised tour. On the page discussion several guides have written a short overview of their services and you can direkctly go to their own site. On the Wall you will find their daily post. Thies goup is open for every one http: As you prepare to travel to the amazing country of Nepal for the first time, to follow in the footsteps of the exploring pioneers, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other tourists before you, there are a couple of questions you will most probably consider.

One of them will be whether you will go alone trekking in Nepal, or with friends, companions, family etc. Once you have decided that out of choice or necessity you will trek either alone, or with a companion, a small group, a large group, etc. Will I employ a guide or porter? This may sound simple enough, but than all the possible alternatives pop up their head, and making decisions may not be so easy.

Well, at least for some.

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